We are Kay's Photo Booth and we offer premium photo booth services at affordable prices.

There are many other photo booth companies, so why choose us?

  • Trained attendant to ensure a smooth and amazing event (most do not have attendants present)
  • Very affordable pricing
  • Full-time staff providing full-time customer service
  • Professional equipment
  • Multiple booths available
  • Always upgrading and maintaining equipment to provide a premium service

My name is Daniel and my daughter is Kaylee. As you may have guessed, that is how I chose the name. I know, real clever. ;p However, she influenced me to start a photo booth company that truly values the customer and their "Once in a lifetime" event. I used to work as a photo booth attendant for a large photo booth company and my experiences there led to Kay's Photo Booth. At Kay's Photo Booth, we truly care about your once in a lifetime special event and while other companies say that as well, actions speak louder than words. The company I previously worked for used low quality webcams, bad lighting, inkjet printers that would take over 1 minute to print pictures that would smear (ours take no more than 15 seconds) and just plain didn't care. I couldn't live with that and started to feel bad for the people's events I worked at because they deserved better. At Kay's, we strive to make sure you get more than you deserve. In the photo booth industry, you get what you pay for because a lot of companies are taking their home webcams and printers and trying to make a quick buck. Do not let them take your hard earned money.

What do we offer?

Not only do we use professional equipment such as Canon DSLRs, DNP photo printers, and Microsoft Surface Tablets but we also offer aesthetically pleasing red carpets, gold stanchions with red velvet rope and expertise because we care about your special event.